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Must-Have Essentials on your Wedding List

Must-Have Essentials on your Wedding List

Wedding lists are one of the longest and never-ending lists. In that list, jewelry and clothes are the two most complicated and time-consuming items. It is not easy to put your total effort and time into all your jewelry and clothes. So, here is a list of essentials that you should focus more on under your wedding list’s jewelry and clothing section. This list can give you various options to rock your wedding using jewelry and clothing while saving you a lot of time.

Why Go Pastel for your wedding?

Pastels are magical colors that go with almost all settings and for all ages. It smoothly blends with light skin tones and makes dark skin tones stand out. The best part about getting pastel-colored clothes is that they make an outstanding choice to coordinate outfits with one’s significant other. Wearing pastels can have a calming effect and help you focus on enjoying your wedding.

Sometimes weddings are known as the other name for stress. Wearing pastels can remove all that stress and bring happiness to your wedding. They are best suitable for rituals like Mehendi and Haldi. Pastel colors are often only seen in lehengas. A lot of people fail to see the beauty of pastel Anarkalis. Pastel Anarkalis are elegant, sophisticated, and above all, surreal. Suppose you are worried about only having lehengas on your list. In that case, you always go for a change with pastel anarkalis.

Embroidered Blouses: The Secret to Enhance your Lehenga

A blouse is like the backbone of a dress. It helps the lehenga or saree look bold and beautiful. Though blouses do not get as much attention as the lehenga, your whole look can be ruined if something goes wrong with the blouse. Even the grandest and beautiful lehenga can go wrong if the blouse does not coordinate with the lehenga. So, the biggest question is how to ensure that your blouse plays its role perfectly.

Using fancy embroidery and hand embroidery is a simple way to ensure that your blouse gets the attention it needs. Stone works can make raw silk blouses shine and attract attention. Using embroideries in your blouse allows you to have any and every kind of design you want. These designs can either be made to match jewelry or clothing or even both. You can even have an everyday blouse with a suitable design for all your wedding attires as a backup because you never know what can happen during weddings.

Banarasi Sarees: A Twist to your Wedding List

Banarasi sarees are one of the finest and traditional sarees. When it comes to bridal outfits, banarasi sarees define tradition, beauty, elegance, and exquisite. They are usually made of four main fabrics, georgette, shattir, organza with zari and silk, and Katan. These sarees come in infinite patterns and designs. Banarasi sarees look stunning with all types of blouses. The true beauty of these sarees come from the way it’s made.

Banarasi sarees are bright and colorful. It can portray your emotions and feelings. One of the best things about banarasi sarees is that they can be draped in various styles. An advantage of wearing these sarees is that they can make you look taller and enhance the features of your body. These sarees are the only bridal outfits that are neither too simple nor too grand. They are just perfect for the bride to shine on her big day.

These sarees also let you experiment with blouses as much as you want. So, adding banarasi sarees to your wedding list can give you many options and something fresh. Rather than having the same old lehengas for all functions, you can wear these sarees and add a little twist to your wedding.

Lachas: A Piece of Clothing with Many Identities

Lacha is the most popular traditional attire for women. It is known by different names in different places. Lachas are long flared skirts with long blouses and dupattas. They are vibrant and full of life. The beauty of lachas has helped them cross various boundaries. People from multiple cultures wear lachas for their weddings.

In the olden days, all lachas were grand but the same. However, in the present day, lachas are evolving and becoming modern. The top of the lachas come in various sizes and cuts. The cut of the top is the highlight of lachas. There are symmetrical cuts, asymmetrical cuts, sharara cuts, and so on. The sleeves of these tops vary from sleeveless to a full sleeve. Lachas are the one piece of clothing that can never go wrong.

There is so much more about these four essentials that have not been explored yet. Investing your time and effort into these products is a shortcut to enhancing your bridal look. If you are worried about checking off all the items on your d-day list to have the perfect wedding, then don’t be. You can just focus on these essentials to make your dream wedding a reality.

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