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How to Use Jewelry to Enhance your Wedding Dress?

Looking your best on your big day is a great challenge. Using your jewelry to enhance your wedding dress is an easy way to make you look your best. The secret to doing so is by finding the right balance between your jewelry and your wedding dress. It ensures that both your jewelry and outfit get attention and that one does not overshadow the other. Here are some ways you can use your jewelry to enhance your wedding dress.

Pearl or Kundan: What to Choose?

Kundan is a piece of traditional gemstone jewelry that everyone loves. Just like its meaning highly refined jewel, Kundan is made of pure and highly refined gold. The reason that many brides dream about wearing Kundan jewelry for their wedding is that it is more than just a piece of jewelry. When used in bridal jewelry, it brings a lot of mixed emotions.

Kundan jewelry is usually grand and versatile that goes with all bridal outfits. The reason for that is because it comes in various colors, sizes, shapes, and designs. It is a cheat code to make brides and their outfits look more beautiful and attractive than they already are.

Pearls shine the brightest in a dark background. It is one of the most simple and sophisticated pieces of jewelry. However, that does not have to stop you from pearls in your jewelry. Pearls can amazingly blend with other stones like Kundan and Polki or simply with antique gold. It enhances your bridal look used as accents and droppings in your jewelry.

While wearing an outfit with a lot of handiwork or stonework or with deep neck blouse, it is always best to go for small chokers to ensure that it does not clash with the outfit. Wearing long necklaces and big chokers with pearl droppings for a plain outfit with a simple print or design can bring out the best from both the jewelry and the outfit. So, if you are too confused about what to choose, you can choose one that has both.

Maharani Haar: The Ultimate Jewelry Statement

Maharani Haars are necklaces that make brides feel like true rani. It is an exquisite piece of jewelry. They are made of gold, precious stones, and semi-precious stones. These haars come in different and distinct styles. They are in the form of chokers and long maalas.

The simplest style of maharani haar is the temple style haar. These are the best suitable South Indian style and Banarasi silk sarees. It makes the outfit look brighter as it is made of plain gold without many gemstones. The most famous way to wear these haars is by pairing them with chokers. This combination is the definition of perfection. It not only looks gorgeous but also makes your whole look classic.

Haars can even make a simple and plain outfit attractive and the center of attention. Multi-layered haar made of pearls with a big centerpiece can give a surreal and bold look. Maharani haar is a piece of jewelry that is becoming more and more modern every day. There are also haars with multiple layers made with accents of different stones. These haars would look great when matched with traditional dresses with a modern look.

Haars made only of Kundan stones give a shining and elegant look to the bride and the outfit. There are different designs of haars for different ranis. It is a special piece of jewelry as it gives a bold and confident look to the bride wearing it.

Hand Accessories: Haath Phools and Bangles

Haath Phool is the fad in bridal jewelry. It is a piece of jewelry that everyone adores. This piece of jewelry comes in various types. It comes in both bracelet and bangle form with single and multi-layers. Sometimes haath phools are also included as a part of bangle sets. These bangle sets are customized to match with other pieces of jewelry.

Wearing haath phools brings all the attention to your hands. The hand chain in the hath phool is usually plain or made using different gemstones. As jewelry is becoming modern, haath phools are also becoming modern by using aesthetic motifs instead of plain hand chains.

Bangles are extremely important in a bridal set. Bangle designs keep evolving. Plain bangles are just as beautiful as bangles with stone works. Having different colors of bangles can come in handy when you want to mix and match. A small bangle or a big kada, all add to the beauty of the jewelry set as a whole.

Kundan jewelry, maharani haars, and haath phools are some pieces of jewelry that help outfits look brighter and more beautiful. Wearing the right piece of jewelry with the right type of outfit will enhance not only your dress but also your whole look. So, match your pieces of jewelry and clothes in the right way and look your best on your big day.

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