Versatile Jewelry Trends to follow this Season

           Jewelry is the second most important thing for a bride. Bridal jewelry trends are ever-changing and dynamic. Keeping up with the latest trends is not easy. Here are some of the bridal jewelry that is trending this Season. So, let’s see what the brides of this Season brides can experiment with. 

Contemporary Jewelry Yay or Nay?
          Contemporary bridal jewelry is all about having a modern vibe with a hint of tradition in it. The designs of this jewelry are never complicated. It is vivid and highlights the point of the jewelry. Contemporary jewelry is a blend of the past and the present, old and new, and tradition and modernity. It is fusion jewelry that represents the styles and designs of different cultures. Though this jewelry is unconventional, it is never unfamiliar. 

           Wearing contemporary jewelry means trying new things. You can use contemporary jewelry for a traditional dress that has a modern look. This jewelry is versatile because it has a traditional essence which makes it suitable for even the most traditional sarees and lehengas. All types of jewelry can have a contemporary style. Be it rani haars, long maalas, chokers, or even temple style jewelry can be made in contemporary style. The best part about contemporary jewelry is that there are no rules or restrictions. You can try anything and everything you want. 

Customized Bridal Chudas: All in One
           Having customized chudas are a must for every bride-to-be. Chudas should not only match your jewelry but also your outfit. The best way to make sure that your chudas match your jewelry and outfit is to get a customized set of chudas. Getting customized chudas mean getting a variety of designs of bangles, kadas, and hand accessories. In a personalized chuda set, you can get different colors of bangles made with various gemstones, bracelets, bangles with different accents and droppings, and even haath phools. 
           It has always been said that even a bride cannot have everything she wants. However, these chuda sets make it possible for a bride to have all the hand accessories that she wants. An advantage of having so many different types of bangles is that you can always mix and match other bangles for other occasions. Getting customized chuda sets to reduce your work and save your time. 

Earrings: The Jewelry that Brings Joy
           Earrings can make a bride like an innocent and happy child. Just looking at an earring brings a smile to people’s faces. The movements of the earrings bring absolute joy to the person wearing them. It is the only piece of jewelry that always matches all other jewelry. Sometimes earrings come in set with Maang Tikkas. 
           Earrings have a wide range of types. There are Danglers, Jhumkas, Chandeliers, Chandbali, Colossals, Juhmars, and many more. Jhumars are the ideal option for those who prefer jewelry with different beads and stones. Chandeliers have many long layers. Earring is also worn with chains that are similar to Maatha Pattis. One of the most innovative and fascinating earrings is a long chain and droppings in the back. Earrings come in various shapes like circles, squares, crescents, and so on. It is a marvelous piece of jewelry. 

Haath Phools: The Jewelry that Enhances Everything
           Haath Phool is both simple and grand. It beautifully enhances the jewelry, the outfit, the bride, and everything else. It completes the look of a bride. Haath Phools are always beautiful regardless of what it’s made of. Be it a haath phool made of gold or flowers, they bring all the attention to your hands. It is also one of the ideal pieces of jewelry to wear in contemporary style. 
           Haath Phool is the only jewelry that can match the design of your mehndi. They look attractive when made with accents and droppings. You can either wear it in pair in both hands are wear it in one hand. They look gorgeous when made with a single chain of stones and a big royal ring.
Rani Haars: The Ultimate Bridal Piece
           Rani Haars make a bold statement and give off a royal vibe. It makes a bride look confident. They come in various sizes. There are long haars, small necklaces, and even chokers. These haars are made in antique gold, different gemstones, and beads. Sometimes this piece of jewelry can be cumbersome. The stones in the haar can be matched with the color of the outfit. It is the ultimate bridal piece because it suits all brides. 



Contemporary jewelry, customized chudas, earrings, haath phools, and rani haars are all different and beautiful in their own way. They have unique charms. Match these charms with yours to look your best on your big day. Wearing these pieces of jewelry will make you look beautiful and trendy. 
August 10, 2021 — Shivangi Gupta